Success in Digital Transformation with an Intelligent Data Management Cloud

Go after the missing link in your cloud modernization journey
Companies around the world have been moving towards digital modernization over the last decade. As you move your infrastructure to the cloud and modernize applications, analytics, databases, data warehouses and data lakes in the cloud, companies have enjoyed the flexibility, the agility and costs of the cloud. However, today’s digital world demands that something very different – the digital transformation – deliver excellent customer experiences. How can you speed this up?
Significant changes can be an obstacle in the quest for digital transformation. the new normal is about proliferation, fragmentation and decentralization of data across multiple clouds and environments hybrids. According to the World Economic Forum, more than 80% of organizations plan to accelerate your digital transformation efforts, even if 70% of the transformations already carried outhave not been successful in achieving their goals.
Now you can achieve and accelerate your digital transformation by going after the missing link in yourcloud modernization journey: the data. Have you seen multiple clouds – infrastructure, database data, applications, business intelligence and data ware house and lake. Now would not be the time to focusthe most essential asset of your business, the data? With a data management cloud,it will be possible to actually manage and innovate with your data on any platform, cloud and user,whether in multi-hybrid or multi-cloud environments.

The advantages of a neutral and independent cloud for data management
How you manage and innovate with your data determines whether you will play a disruptive role in the industry or whether it will be left behind.
Those who can connect the right data to the right customers will easily and confidently transition from digital modernization to true transformation digital.For this achievement, organizations need a complete, neutral and independent solution destined for a multi-hybrid and multi-cloud world. The Cloud Intelligent Data Management solutionn (IDMC) by Informatica®
was developed to help companies deal efficiently with challenges complexes related to dispersed and fragmented data with the purpose of innovating concretely with your data on any platform, cloud, as well as in any environment whether multicloud or multihybrid. This is the first and most comprehensive AI-driven native cloud platform and end-to-end data management services in the industry, offering more than 200 data services intelligent and processing more than 17 trillion transactions per month to help an organization to reimagine and redefine how it manages and innovates with its data.

An independent, neutral and intelligent data management cloud enables the sharing, delivery and democratization of data across your lines of business and across other companies relying on governance and privacy, as opposed to inefficient approaches and costly, such as coding, point products, and limited solutions.
Informatica IDMC provides complete and comprehensive data management capabilities, cloud-native and AI-powered. Data catalog intelligently reads metadata to discover and understand your company’s data. Data integration accesses and integrates data at scale using elastic, serverless computing. The integration of APIs and applications connects your applications and automates end-to-end business processes. The quality of data provides consistent, trusted, and governed data across the enterprise. MDM applications and 360 innovate with 360 views of business data and trusted smart insights. the governance and privacy provide data intelligence to govern, protect and democratize your data. Data Marketplace offers the only data sharing solution the industry uses for data sharing.

Informatica’s IDMC is driven by our machine learning and artificial intelligence engine, CLAIRE® optimized for intelligence and automation. It is built on a modern, elastic, serverless microservices stack that connects customers who need data to sources. of adequate data. The solution enables you to intelligently discover and understand the internal and external business data, access and include all types of data whenever and wherever you need, curate and prepare data in a self-service format. she is personalized according to usage and delivers an authoritative, authoritative and single view of all your data. IDMC by Informatica is the most complete and only platform you will ever need to manage your cloud native data.

Informatica’s IDMC helps organizations deliver their first digital initiatives and create a competitive front with the following essential attributes:
• Native cloud at scale. Resize all loads as needed desktop, with elastic, serverless processing.
• Scalable native AI. Automate thousands of manual tasks and accelerate transformations driven by data by applying machine learning and AI to data and metadata.
• Multi-cloud, multi-hybrid. Run, interoperate and support all combinations of on-premises and multi-cloud hybrid infrastructures.
• Experience with little or no code. Maximize agility by enabling the largest possible community of data users in your organization.
• Safety and trust as design principles. Ensure the highest level of security, consistent data quality, end-to-end data governance and privacy data across the enterprise.

Benefits of the Informatica approach

An intelligent data management cloud based on microservices and driven by AI helps you become data-driven, develop more innovative products and services, as well as delivering an exceptional customer experience. See how:
• Increase workforce productivity with governance-driven access, trust and self-service for all customers who need data.
• Drive revenue and profitability by operationalizing AI models and improving the accuracy of the models with copyrighted, reliable and high-quality data.
• Improve operational efficiency by streamlining and optimizing workflows and business processes.
• Reduce regulatory risk by ensuring accuracy and protecting confidential data.
• Increase agility and resiliency with a 360-degree view of customer relationships, products and suppliers in the company.

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