Predictions for the development of Big Data, IoT, and AI

Currently, there are three main trends in the development of business models: Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Will, in the future, these three technologies will look like?

Predictions for the development of Big Data, IoT, and AI

  1. Big Data

It is expected that blockchain technology applications will continue developing, especially smart contracts, which are contracts written in code in a file storage system. It is not only safer and more accurate than traditional contracts, but also effective in referencing and implementing these contracts.

The increase in personal data solutions will also enable organizations to self-analyze their data without the need to build a data center. This is very valuable for small and medium-sized businesses without the budget to hire data science specialists.

In addition, there is a rapid decline in the use of Hadoop, a platform that enables the distribution of large datasets as well as allows the search and hires of experts to support the platform. That is a big challenge. There is also a preference for using cloud applications to reduce data center cost, which makes the data model popular.

  1. Internet of Things

Forbes describes Internet of Things as the concept of connecting any device with on and off functionality to connect to the internet. If the device has a toggle switch, it can be configured to become part of the IoT. A leading example is “smart” home devices such as locks open when nearby phones are detected, or Lights only turn on when there are some motions.

In the past, there are many providers with the same solutions. In the near future,, we can expect some of these vendors to succeed and dominate the market, which will lead to a reduction in the number of vendors in the market. Therefore, we can also expect regulatory and standardization to make the solution simpler. Additionally, there are security concerns that is expected to provide some safer solutions.

The two main areas will probably be the focus of IoT, which are smart cities and smart homes. In the smart home field, however, bandwidth will become a prerequisite for any IoT technology to work, expecting an increase in the similar grid with simple network management in the future.

Finally, growth in IoT – the combination of various devices and systems that generate large amounts of data – is accelerating the demand for artificial intelligence to make sense of this information.

  1. Artificial Intelligence.

The definition of artificial intelligence is the ability to create a machine to imitate human intelligence. In the past, we have witnessed the growth of the electronics industry such Alexa of Amazon, Siri of Apple, and we will see even stronger growth in the future.

In addition, there is a great deal of development of artificial intelligence in the field of health care. The general trend for health care applications using artificial intelligence focuses on imaging and diagnosis, where AI can help detect changes and details in images that people can not see. This makes it a high growth area and also helps prevent health deterioration among healthy people and those who are at risk or who are living with chronic deterioration by using Big Data.

Above are predictions for the development of Big Data, IoT, and AI. We can believe that in the future, 3 technologies can bring to human more benefits that make life become easier.


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